Brick and Mortar and Love explores the impact of independent record stores on our communities. In in this moving documentary, director Scott Schuffitt focuses on the possible closing of his local record store, ear X-tacy, and asks, “How could this happen?” “How could this cultural center within my community close?” “What would my city look like without its influence?” This musical journey visits a wide assortment of record store owners, musicians (including Jim James of My Morning Jacket) and music lovers from all over, taking this story to an unexpected ending that will leave you thinking.

This film is a must-have for any music lover. It has been suggested that every Indy music shop in the U.S. should have have Brick and Mortar and Love for sale.

What People are Saying About Brick and Mortar and Love

"What ultimately happens is something you'll have to discover by watching the movie, which I highly recommend ... The drama here is surprisingly deep and it is real."

Michael Fremer "Brick and Mortar Love" Traces the Indie Record Store Story In America Through the Travails of One

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"The film plays like a thriller, and when the ending comes, you are left wondering about the future of small music stores ... and the need for all of us to support them while we still can."

Ernest Barteldes Last Shop Standing” and “Brick and Mortar and Love

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Bricks and Mortar and Love: See it for yourself!

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